NAVUG Forum 2010 – Did you miss it?

As I mentioned on here, I was attending NAVUG Forum in Orlando, FL. NAVUG is the community of Dynamics NAV users. This was the first time I have attended, but not the last time for sure! If your company uses Dynamics-NAV this event is a MUST ATTEND.

Each day was filled with great informational sessions, of which most of them had a great attraction. Many of the sessions was also run by users, willing to share their knowledge. It was not uncommon to see people from different companies sitting around a laptop sharing knowledge and helping each other with questions or issues they were having. The phrase “just this tip / information has made attending worth it!”

Microsoft did have people in attendance and they did lead some sessions, but they were also very helpful in answering questions from the many users there.

Being ‘on the other side of the fence’ I had the chance to chime in with some of my knowledge in some of the sessions, that hopefully helped other participants.

I even spoke to people, that stated that the NAVUG Forum was much better than Convergence, and several people said they would skip convergence next year.

Next year NAVUG will be held in LAS VEGAS, Baby, and if you sign up this week, you will, as a NAVUG member, be able to attend for only $399 – which is a hell of a deal (pardon my French).

Bottom line; if you use Dynamics-NAV you should be a member of NAVUG, and more importantly you need to attend the NAVUG Forum.

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