UCC128 Label – Walgreens

The ESGYWALGRN label, is a flexible label that is made in accordance with the requirements from VICS (http://www.vics.org/) with formatting and other changes required by Wallgreens.

TO Section:
TO address is from the PACKAGE
Name 2 is printed IF Address 2 is empty
the TO Section is correctly compressed

FROM Section
Address is controlled by the Packing Station
Name 2 is printed IF Address 2 is empty.
the FROM Section is correctly compressed

SCAC code is printed – Will Print SCAC from E-Ship Agent Service if Shipping Agent SCAC is empty
BOL # will print VICS Bill of Lading No (Print) or Bill of Lading.No.
PRO # will print if External Doc No is specified on the Bill of Lading

PO will print if the Package has an External Document No.
Weight will print NET Weight from the package, and assume lbs

Uses Packing-Rule.”Custom Value 1″

Will only print if External Ship-for or External Ship-to is Populated. IF both are populated External Ship-For will be printed
Label assumes that the External Ship-To/Ship-for is 13 characters and only prints position 10 -> 13 in the right box.

Download Label
Please note, that this download is provided as-is. I cannot be held liable for any charge-backs or fees you may encounter if your trading partner have any issues with packages they receive using this label

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