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Carrier Tracking URLs

After having to spend some time trying to find some carrier tracking URLs I figured I wanted to share what I found. Please check out my new Carrier Tracking URLs Page. I will keep adding more URLs as I come across them and as YOU submit them to me 😉 Read more →

On-Line Help for E-Ship

When you implement the E-Ship/EDI functionality in your database, you get a lot of new fields added also. A lot of those fields are added in places users already interact and as such questions often come up, as to the functionality of certain fields. The good thing is, that Lanham & Associates over the years have developed some help text,… Read more →

NAV EasySecurity

Hi Folks – I just want to let you know, that I am still breathing! I have for the past couple of weeks been doing an implementation of NAV EasySecurity, that has taken up all my time. This customer is a public company and as such needs to adhere to SOX regulations.   One thing I have learned about SOX;… Read more →

Send a (Misc.) Package

If you have ever had to create misc. material using E-Ships Misc. Package you know that it can be a rather cumbersome process. Years ago, I created a wizard form (I know some people are already getting sick now, but wizards do, at times, serve a purpose). This Wizard gives you the opportunity to just select a customer (or Vendor,… Read more →

NAVUG Forum 2010

Going to NAVUG?

I will be attending the NAVUG Forum that will take place on October 18th – 22nd in Orlando, FL. I will be demonstrating my Buzzer and Flashing lights addition to Lanham’s E-Ship. I would love to see any of my readers there also.   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Read more →

Label Buffer Files on Citrix/Terminal Server

When using eShip on a Citrix or Terminal Server, I have seen an issue, where you end up printing a different label, than you expected. This can happen, because more than one session of Navision runs on the same ‘box’, using the same directory. There are different ways of handling this; one being creating multiple packing stations and Carrier Packing… Read more →

Label Print Shell Command Error

If you ever receive the error message: The file name “C:Windowssystem32cmd.exe /c type [c 1=”>” 2=”LPT1″ language=”:eShipLabeluffer.txt”][/c] ” contains a character that may not be used. Please check the file name. You can find additional information on file names in the documentation for your operation system. you are more than likely on a newer operating system – i.e. Vista. In… Read more →

Blind or Double Blind Shipments

In this world of easy e-commerce solutions we often find us in a situation companies manage orders for other companies, and want to ensure that end customers not know about it. This can be accommodated in Standard eShip using Blind or Double Blind Shipment. When using Blind Shipment, the Return Address on the Package (and label) will be populated with… Read more →